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With GoItHost's Enhanced Support, you get an added layer of support options. Besides our free Built-In Value Support* you can choose from a variety of systems administration services and automated tools, and our exclusive 100% uptime Tier 4 data center assurance.

24x7x365 Technical Support

Web-based “Fast Track” Ticketing System
At GoItHost, Technical Support is always open for business, as close as your keyboard. Sign-in through Orbit, our customer support portal, and click on "Support Ticket System." Our "Fast Track" message center will route your request to the right person, right away. Whether you log-on to report an incident or request a manual reboot, we'll quickly put a resolution in motion.

Full-fledged Phone-based Support
Beyond simple incident reporting, your team has open help desk privileges with a qualified support technician. Call anytime, any day for help with crafting a troubleshooting strategy, analyzing scenarios and implementing comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

Web-based Live Support Chat
You have instant access to our skilled Support Team through GoItHost's Live Chat system to quickly report incidents, discuss previously reported incidents, or request assistance.

GoItHost Enhanced Support SLA

As the leading On Demand IT Infrastructure provider, GoItHost’s Managed Service Level Agreement (SLA) assures you 100% uninterrupted network and power availability, and 100% uptime on redundant Internet connectivity. Just another example of our commitment to your success.

24x7x365 Remote Hands and Eyes
Our data center technicians are always on-call and on the move if the need arises to process a reboot or restore remote connectivity.

Automated & Manual Reboots
Through Orbit, you can trigger a remote reboot of your server. For more individualized attention, you can also click through to request a manual reboot.

Reactive System Monitoring through out exclusive IP Alert system that includes:

Uptime Monitoring

Our IP Alert System constantly pings each server and, per your standing instructions, alerts your team or notifies our staff to activate pre-established incident escalation procedures.

Resource Monitoring
We monitor your system’s processor and memory against parameters you set, and alert you anytime utilization strays from the mark.

Application & Process Monitoring
In addition to your being able to monitor port-based applications through Orbit, we can alert you when any application on your pre-established list is down.

Network-Based Security Protection
We constantly monitor your system and protect against distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks using a series of third party tools for layered and coordinated fortification of your server’s network environment.

Bandwidth Monitoring and Tracking

Through Orbit, you can continually track bandwidth allocations and usage on a per-server basis. Real-time graphs and limit-approach warnings help your team manage to optimum levels, and reports are archived for trend analysis and decision-making support.

Automated OS Updates
As updates to your operating system are released by the vendor, GoItHost tests and certifies them before pushing them out so you are assured of system reliability and functionality.

On Demand Vulnerability Assessments

Application code changes, server updates, software additions and configuration changes can all lead to security problems. Through Orbit you can request a Vulnerability Assessment that will alert you to any detected security problems, and will propose changes to resolve them.

Open Access to Knowledge Base
We freely share our technical expertise and customer support experience to help you solve everyday server problems. Our dynamic, up-to-date database contains hundreds of current and relevant articles written by support professionals, and can be searched by keyword or category.